As an Internet company, is essentially a value retailer whose business is geared towards delivering a great product at an even better price, as efficiently as possible.

By investing in technology to streamline our internal procedures we've been able to keep our prices low, which, when combined with our ability to process and deliver your individually made orders promptly is the main reason customers choose to shop online with us.We do not offer a telephone service for pre or post sales enquiries.

The reason behind this decision? Basically, electronic retailing is all about empowering customers to serve themselves - in many cases more efficiently and effectively than by traditional means.  Following the fine examples set by other leading Internet retailers, we firmly believe we can satisfy the needs of our customers more readily via electronic means, than we've historically been able to achieve with a combined telephone and electronic approach.We also offer a FAQ section on our website.

We hope you'll appreciate the benefits of our approach and of course, we will continue to leverage technology to further enhance your all-round Internet shopping experience in the future.
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Colours will often display differently on a variety of devices/monitors, therefore all colours should be taken as indicative and may differ from the actual garment received.
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We endeavour to answer ALL emails within a matter of hours and in most cases within 30 minutes.(Dependant on Country and time zone) We are unable to take any telephone enquiries or offer any kind of Tele-sales.
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